Sustainability report


The members of the Hansel Board of Directors are elected by the annual general meeting. The Board is chaired by Timo Laitinen, Director General of the State Treasury. The Board of Directors consists of five members, including one personnel representative. Members of the Board of Directors are not members of the company’s operative management. The Board members include two women and three men. Decision-making is compliant with the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act and Hansel’s articles of association.

Corporate responsibility management is monitored as part of the company’s strategic management. The Board reviews a draft version of the corporate responsibility report and makes comments. The Board has not appointed any members specialising in corporate responsibility, nor are the Board’s fees tied to the results of CSR activities.

Hansel’s Executive Committee is nominated by the Board of Directors on the basis of a proposal by the CEO. The Executive Committee has five members, including the CEO: two male and three female members.

The organisation of Hansel



The Framework Agreements Department, responsible for framework agreement management, is divided into three procurement divisions: ICT procurement, Procurement of administrative services, and Material and technical service procurement. Employees in this department include specialists in various areas and competitive tendering consultants.

The Account and Stakeholder Management Department is responsible for sales promotion, marketing communications, and customer service. The Legal and Competitive Tendering Department offers services related to the practical implementation of Hansel’s and the central government’s tendering processes, and legal consultation services.

Hansel also has a support team offering assistance to customers in completing simplified the tendering processes forming part of framework agreements.

The tasks of the Financial and Administrative Department consist of financial administration, communications, and HR. This department is responsible for the company’s management and external accounting and for corporate responsibility reporting. Communications is responsible for the company’s internal and external communications, while Human Resources is in charge of resourcing and competence development. The ICT team is responsible for the maintenance and development of IT systems.

The company is located in the post office building in Helsinki. Hansel has no international operations.