Sustainability report

Structure of the Corporate Responsibility Report

The Corporate Responsibility Report presents the main results and achievements related to corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the review period 2014.

The overall concept of responsibility at Hansel is illustrated using CSR-related megatrends, the company’s strategy, co-operation with stakeholders and the responsibility materiality matrix.

The CSR aspects are approached through Hansel’s corporate responsibility programme, responsible procurement, and co-operation with stakeholders. The report also explains what responsibility means in Hansel’s own activities.

The report also lists all the framework agreements that have been granted Hansel’s environmental label and explains the grounds for granting the label.


GRI guidelines compliant reporting

The structure of the report is based on the internationally approved Global Reporting Initiative GRI 4 guidelines (Core), which were updated in 2013. As required by the GRI guidelines, the report includes a table presenting the main content of the report, as well as guidance on where the information can be found.

If information is not available, this is mentioned in the table alongside an explanation for the omission. Some elements of the information are included in the financial statements.

Hansel publishes its Corporate Responsibility Report in Finnish, Swedish and English at The report was verified by KPMG and is now, for the second time, published only in online format.