Sustainability report

Customer and supplier satisfaction

Hansel regularly monitors trends in customer and supplier satisfaction. Feedback is collected from customers and suppliers through extensive surveys conducted approximately once a year.

The latest supplier satisfaction survey was carried out in June 2014 and the latest customer satisfaction survey in January 2015. The results are examined by the Executive Committee and then used in the planning of improvements together with personnel.

Customers satisfied with Hansel’s services

According to the customer satisfaction survey, Hansel has succeeded in developing its operations in a favourable direction. The overall satisfaction rate of Hansel’s customers was 3.87 on a scale of 1–5 (3.84 in 2014).

The highest points were given for expertise in procurement legislation and tendering process competence. High scores were also given for Hansel’s service mind set, contact persons and corporate communications.

Meanwhile, knowledge of the object of procurement and of customer needs were identified as areas in need of development, which are not beyond Hansel’s control.

A total of 327 customers replied to the customer survey, and responses were received from all branches of public administration. The largest numbers of responses were received from the administrative branches of the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Employment and the Economy, and the Ministry of the Interior.

Contract suppliers appreciate equal opportunities

A contract supplier survey was carried out in June 2014. Respondents included 421 contact people in supplier organisations. The overall supplier satisfaction rate was 3.88 on a scale of 1–5.

The highest points were given for expertise in procurement legislation and tendering procedures, for Hansel’s contact people, and for its communication. Similarly, non-discrimination and equal opportunities were awarded high scores.

Meanwhile, knowledge of the object of procurement and the simplicity of the tendering process were given the lowest points.

Of all respondents, 60 per cent represented major corporations and 40 per cent SMEs. The results showed no significant differences between overall satisfaction in major corporations and SMEs.



Systematic feedback collection

In addition to conducting extensive surveys, we introduced a new operating model in 2014, which involves collecting feedback from customers and suppliers after each tendering and consultation project.

Requests for feedback are, as a rule, sent to everyone involved in tendering projects. The purpose of our systematic feedback collection is to improve co-operation with stakeholders.

We also collect feedback on customer satisfaction with the framework agreement before the end of the contract period, in order to be able to take any development needs into account in the next framework agreement.