Sustainability report

Transparency and stakeholder communications

The principles of communication at Hansel are transparency, consistency and timeliness. The CSR principles listed in the company strategy will be taken into account in the communications strategy.

Through consistent communications, Hansel seeks to maintain a corporate image that emphasises expertise from different angles. Hansel also strives to maintain and develop an interesting and attractive employer image.

Besides its traditional communication channels, Hansel is increasing its use of social media. Through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, we can disseminate information on our operations and receive real-time feedback from customers, suppliers, and other partners.

Our presence in the social media offers interactive channels to our stakeholders, which we hope will improve our customer service and communications. Social media is an effective channel: by answering a question or posting information in the social media, we can serve hundreds of customers and stakeholders. As applicable, these channels are also used for crisis communication.

Communication, disclosure and non-disclosure

Hansel has a transparent approach and communicates openly about its operations. However, to ensure the commercial success of our tendering processes and non-discrimination between tenderers, issues related to the process are not disclosed while the process is under way. Information is provided to tenderers only, in accordance with established practices and procedures.

In any handover of documents, we follow instructions that ensure the protection of Hansel’s, its customers’ and its suppliers’ confidential information.