Sustainability report

Closer co-operation in State governance

Government organisations work systematically to improve their mutual co-operation. As part of this development work, a service centre co-operation network has been established, with regular meetings held between management representatives from the State Treasury, HAUS Finnish Institute of Public Management, Finnish Government Shared Services Centre for Finance and HR (Palkeet), Hansel, Senate Properties, and the Government ICT Centre Valtori.

The primary objective of this co-operation is to improve the Government’s performance. Closer co-operation helps to eliminate unnecessary overlaps in Government organisations and to identify new forms of co-operation. The Government’s best overall interest is the key issue in this. By working together, Government organisations strive for simplicity and clarity in service provision, hoping to offer a one-stop-shop experience to customers.

It is also hoped that co-operation will contribute to the operational development of new organisations, such as the Government ICT Centre Valtori, which began operating in March 2014. Valtori provides sector-independent ICT services for central government administration. To do this, it uses Hansel’s framework agreements and draws on Hansel’s procurement competence. Meanwhile, its membership of customer teams during the preparatory stage of framework agreements allows Hansel to benefit from the specific competences of service centres.

In addition to the co-operation network consisting of senior management from service centres, a network of communications specialists was set up in December 2014. Held at Hansel premises, the first meeting of this network attracted nearly twenty communications officers from various government organisations. The objective of this network is to enhance communications-related co-operation between various government entities and to offer a forum for joint discussions.