Sustainability report

Good employer

Hansel aims to be a respected and responsible employer that offers its personnel an encouraging work community, challenging work, and opportunities for continuous professional growth.

It is the duty of our supervisors and managers to make sure all employees are treated fairly and that job duties are assigned equally. Inappropriate conduct is not tolerated in the workplace, and problems are addressed immediately.

We make sure the ground rules of the work community are adhered to, and that no conflicts of interests arise regarding work duties.

Collective agreement and co-operation with employee associations

Hansel’s collective labour agreement was negotiated with Service Sector Employers PALTA and the Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff (YTN). It is valid until further notice.

The labour agreement applies to all Hansel personnel, except for the CEO. As specified in the labour agreement, personnel are represented by a workplace steward and his or her deputy, selected from amongst the staff.

The interests of the personnel are also promoted by the personnel association, which is a member of the Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff (YTN). Roughly half of Hansel’s personnel are trade union members. The collective agreement and guidelines for personnel are available on Hansel’s intranet.

Job satisfaction and leadership development

A good and well-led working community contributes to employee job satisfaction, commitment and inspiration. Fostering a great atmosphere at work is important.

Hansel conducts a job satisfaction survey every 18 months in order to assess the well-being of the work community. The most recent survey was conducted in August 2014.

The results of the survey showed that job satisfaction at Hansel has remained at a good level in recent years. The average score of Hansel’s occupational well-being was 3.8 on a scale of 1–5 (3.7 in 2012).

Efforts to improve managerial work include regular manager training and assessment of the quality of managerial work as part of the employee well-being survey. A 360-degree evaluation of leadership practices was conducted at Hansel in 2013, in which each manager carried out a self-evaluation and was assessed by his/her direct subordinates, line manager and closest colleagues.

The results were analysed in individual training sessions, on the basis of which personal development plans were drawn up for managers. Company-level management training will be organised to address general leadership issues.

Spending time together

One way to encourage everyone to pull together is to organise shared activities and events for employees. Hansel encourages all of its personnel to participate in the events organised by the company’s employee club.

In 2014, the employee club organised various sports and cultural events, a summer day and the traditional Christmas party. Among other activities, Hansel has its own floorball and football teams taking part in amateur leagues.

Events organised by the personnel club have been very popular, and the club programme is planned and developed in tune with employee wishes. The costs of these events are partially borne by the employer. Total spending for recreational activities in 2014 was €34,439 (€35,656 in 2013).