Sustainability report

Benefit package

Employment benefits, available to all Hansel employees, include a company mobile phone, recreational vouchers, employer-subsidised commuter vouchers, luncheon vouchers, and leisure accident insurance. A new fringe benefit offered from 2013 onwards is a temporary carer to look after a sick child.

Hansel personnel also benefit from a wide range of occupational health services, including health care at general practitioner level, on-call health care, and specialist consultations. Occupational health care operations focus on preventive health care.

Hansel adheres to the guidelines on management and key employee rewards and incentives issued by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Policy. Hansel’s Board of Directors sets annual incentive targets.

Performance-related pay and other benefits

From the beginning of 2013, the incentive system has complied with the statement of the Cabinet Committee on Economic Policy issued on 13 August 2012, which sets the maximum performance-related bonus at 15 per cent of the annual salary.

Members of the Executive Committee may receive a bonus equal to 30 per cent of the salary as compensation for exceptional performance. In accordance with the Board of Directors’ decision, performance-related pay in 2014 was based on customer satisfaction and personal performance.

The financial statements for 2014 include a provision for incentives of €554,915, excluding social insurance payments. Incentives will be paid out in April 2015. Temporary personnel are not covered by the incentive scheme, although in other respects their benefits are identical to those of permanent employees.

Paid incentives (excluding social insurance payments)

2014 2013 2012 2011 2010
Thousands of euros 492 319 307 266 455

Employees with permanent employment contracts and who need a car for carrying out their duties are entitled to a company car. Company-car tax is deducted from the total salary of the recipients of this benefit. Eight Hansel employees had a company car at the end of 2014.

In 2007, a supplementary pension from an insurance company was taken out for the CEO. The annual fees for this pension insurance come to €9,714 (including life insurance). The CEO’s retirement age is 63 years.