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Case: Criminal Sanctions Agency put its inspection services up for tender

Hansel and the Criminal Sanctions Agency have been collaborating for many years. Hansel has organised a number of tendering processes for the Agency, the most recent one being for property inspection services. All the Agency had to do was to specify the properties to be inspected and to sign an agreement with the selected supplier – Hansel’s tendering services took care of everything else.

The Criminal Sanctions Agency has had positive experiences of Hansel’s tendering services. The successful tendering process was preceded by careful specification of requirements. Safety Engineer Ari Pakarinen was responsible for launching the tendering process and for internal communication and project co-ordination.

“We have facilities all over the country, all of which require a large number of statutory inspections and reporting: fire detectors, lifts, gates, and much more,” Pakarinen says, explaining the scope of the project.

He continues: “We received a lot of useful information from the field during the preparatory stage. Property Managers told us about what they needed and about the key considerations for the supplier – safety being one of these.”

Aiming for centralised service

The Criminal Sanctions Agency wanted a centralised service solution.

“It is important to obtain the analysis from a single source to gain a better overall picture. Much more effort would be required in order to co-ordinate decentralised operations. What’s more, it is always simpler to deal with just one supplier,” Pakarinen explains.

After the specification stage, Hansel handled the tendering process and negotiations with tenderers.

“Our groundwork was so thorough that our participation in dealings with the suppliers was not required,” Pakarinen says.

The contract for inspection services covers a period of 2 + 4 years. After the first two years, feedback is requested from the field, and based on the results the contract is renewed for one year at a time.

Finland’s leading procurement competence

Hansel’s tendering services offers undeniable benefits: With no need to allocate its own resources to the tendering processes, the Criminal Sanctions Agency can focus on its core duties.

“Hansel has leading competences in public tendering processes in Finland. Furthermore, working with them generates overall cost savings for us,” Pakarinen comments.

“We have been extremely satisfied with Hansel’s service,” he says. He would like to see Hansel assume even more responsibility for supplier liaisons in the tendering processes, eliminating the need for the procuring organisation to take part in the negotiations.

“Since we are such a big organisation, with nearly 3,000 employees, it is clear that fault can always be found with the selected supplier. But we can learn and then do things differently in the next tendering process,” Pakarinen points out, emphasising the customer’s role in the specification process.

“I hope Hansel can further expand its resources. Over the years, the availability of services has improved, but there are areas in need of improvement, such as contract supplier supervision. Supervision should be extended beyond the current spot checks,” Pakarinen says, rolling the ball in Hansel’s court.