Sustainability report

Case: Tax Administration a frequent user of HR services

The framework agreement for HR services offers an extensive range of solutions for government administration units. Experiences gained in Tax Administration have been encouraging.

The majority of tax returns are returned online, but a large number are still submitted in paper copies. The Tax Administration employs around a hundred seasonal employees in February–May, whose task is to accurately and reliably record the data submitted in tax returns.

“At a certain time of each year, we need a large number of employees,” says Merja Kortesuo, a procurement lawyer working at the administration unit’s financial services.

“Hiring temporary agency workers has been a good solution for us. We need extra workforce in several locations, and data recording is the type of work that can easily be separated from the other duties of civil servants,” Kortesuo explains.

Framework agreement in active use

The Tax Administration’s centralised nationwide model has been in use since late 2011. Similar arrangements have been used before; the current model will remain in effect until the termination of the framework agreement in autumn 2015.

These temporary employees are provided by a single contract supplier, which has been the cause of slight concern.

“We had no previous experience of this supplier, but once co-operation began it proved to be highly competent, professional and reliable,” Kortesuo says approvingly.

She gives further praise to the supplier for excellent co-operation and flexibility in cases of unexpected, urgent needs for workforce.

Reliable and skilled workforce

Kortesuo feels that one of the major benefits of the framework agreement lies in Hansel being able to offer a good and reliable supplier.

“Much more work would have been involved in organising the tendering process ourselves. Hansel is up to date with the latest procurement-related legislation and we can fully rely on their ability to account for every last detail of the supplier contracts.”

Service solutions for different needs

“From our perspective, the framework agreement for hiring temporary agency workers works exactly as it should. The essential thing for the customer is to specify the product or service being procured in as much detail as possible, either before the procurement process begins, or with the supplier at the latest,” Kortesuo points out.

Most work at the Tax Administration is carried out by civil servants, which limits the opportunities for using temporary agency workers.

“Diminishing human resources are a fact we have to live with, and hiring temporary workers is a worthwhile alternative in cases where the procurement unit is able to clearly define sets of assignments in which public power need not be exercised,” Kortesuo concludes.

In addition to temporary workforce, other services offered through the framework agreement include recruitment and direct search services, and support services for career planning and re-employment.