Sustainability report

Working together for successful procurement

Hansel’s service commitment to all its stakeholders is “Working together for successful procurement”. Hansel works in close co-operation with its customers and suppliers to ensure an optimal outcome.

Customers’ and suppliers’ views are taken into account in the tendering process. Furthermore, steps are taken to ensure good co-operation and smooth operation during the contract period.

To maintain smooth co-operation during the contract period, Hansel organises events and functions for its customers, contract suppliers and other stakeholders.

Specialist Day

The HanselForum Specialist Day held in January 2014 attracted nearly 200 Hansel customers to the Messukeskus fair and convention centre in Helsinki. During the day, they had the opportunity to visit a contract supplier exhibition and to learn about current issues in management consultation, occupational health care and human resources services.

An opportunity was also provided to meet Hansel’s specialists to talk about services and service procurement. Customers also had lively conversations with contract suppliers.

Topics included practical matters such as the effectiveness of framework agreements and the simplified tendering processes, and ways of preparing for them. The procurement of specialist services, in particular, is an area that highlights the importance of interaction between customers and contract suppliers.

Vehicle Day

The HanselForum Vehicle Day held in the spring attracted more than 100 customers and 30 contract suppliers to Premier Park in Porvoo. At this event, visitors were able to learn more about the vehicle and transport framework agreements between Hansel and its contract suppliers, which allow customers to procure almost anything related to vehicles and transport.

The agreements offer Hansel’s customer access to electric vehicles and low-emission vehicles, among other things. Customers can also procure services, such as training in economic driving. Cleantech procurement and environmental issues play an increasingly strong role in central government procurement, which reflects on suppliers’ products and services across the board, and on their own operations.

The Vehicle Day provided an excellent meeting place for customers and suppliers. This informal and casual occasion inspired several discussions and exchanges of information. During the event, Hansel received plenty of feedback which can be applied in the development of new solutions.

Government Procurement Day

At the end of September, Hansel and the Ministry of Finance organised the Government Procurement Day, which attracted hundreds of procurement professionals to Finlandia Hall in Helsinki. The event offered a concise review of the current status of central government procurement and of development efforts being made.

Co-operation and responsibility were recurring themes at the event. The reform of the Act on Public Contracts, development work on central government procurement, and co-operation related to central procurement were areas of considerable interest, and inspired many discussions.

In her opening speech, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy underlined the importance of using the taxpayers’ money responsibly and efficiently. The State must be a skilled and responsible buyer that assesses the impact of its procurement on society.

The State Secretary urged procurement professionals not to forget that they were instrumental in the development of procurement legislation. Considering the growing complexity and diversity of procurement, she also stressed the importance of clearly defined, but flexible rules, and of co-operation with suppliers.