Sustainability report

CSR management

In recent years it has become increasingly important to account for CSR within central procurement. Hansel’s CSR efforts are managed as part of the company’s ordinary management system.

CSR is an integral part of Hansel’s operations. In accordance with government policies, we pay special attention to the ways in which environmental, social and financial responsibility issues are factored into our agreements.

Hansel regularly monitors its contract suppliers for their ability to fulfil their obligations as central government procurement partners. We are also committed to combating grey economy.

Corporate responsibility team in a key role

A central role is played by the Corporate Responsibility team, which meets regularly and consists of experts from various functions within the organisation. The team consists of eight members.

The team develops, deploys and provides information on CSR-related matters. Team members participate in CSR related events and training sessions organised by various stakeholders.

Members of the CSR team have been working in co-operation with their peers in other Nordic procurement units. The objective of this co-operation is to share information and best practices, particularly those related to social responsibility.

Other activities of the Corporate Responsibility team include presentations on Hansel’s CSR efforts at client events. A CSR-related training day co-organised with HAUS Finnish Institute of Public Management Ltd has also been planned.

Internal audit

At the end of 2013, Hansel’s Board of Directors decided to set up an internal audit function. The role of internal audit is to support the Board of Directors and the CEO in supervisory duties prescribed by law and the Board’s rules of procedure, and to perform other internal audit and risk management related duties assigned by the CEO and the Board of Directors. Internal audit reports to the Board of Directors.

In 2014, a decision was made to outsource internal audit to PricewaterhouseCoopers Oy (PwC). The Board of Directors decided that the areas to be audited in 2014 were Hansel’s Code of Ethics and data security. The audit of the Code of Ethics was consultative. In connection with the audit, the content and scope of the Code was extended. The audit of data security focused on risk management.