Year 2014

Forecast and targets for 2015

In 2015, Hansel will continue to execute its new strategy, according to which the company will take on more responsibility for developing the government’s procurement operations. The total number of central procurements is expected to grow in comparison to the previous year. Income from service fees is expected to fall due to a reduction in the average service fee level. This is due to a decision to cut the service fees for certain framework agreements. For customers, the lower service fee percentage translates into lower prices. Net sales from tendering services are expected to continue growing. It is anticipated that Hansel’s financial position will remain strong.

Hansel is initiating the deployment of an electrical tendering system in 2015. It is intended that the company’s customers will also be able to begin deploying the system during the year. Cooperation with the service centres of the state will continue actively in 2015. The goal is an improvement in state procurement activity cost effectiveness and quality, as well as the avoidance of overlapping work. Hansel regularly collaborates with organisations which include the State Treasury, Senate Properties, Valtori Government ICT Centre, the Finnish Government Shared Services Centre for Finance and HR (Palkeet) and HAUS.

Hansel follows the discussions on public procurement in the European Union and is a member of the cooperation group of key central procurement units of European states. In addition to Hansel, members include the following central procurement units: SKI from Denmark, Kammarkollegiet from Sweden, BBG from Austria, Consip from Italy and ANCP from Portugal.