Year 2014

From the CEO

We at Hansel operate as the state central procurement unit with the goal of producing savings. In 2014, the value of goods and services procured through our agreements rose to a record high of €715 million. The state centralised procurement system produced savings of nearly €250 million.
In addition to centralised procurement we offer procurement consulting services for our customers. This service generates further value to our customers and the feedback we have received has been positive. Hansel participated in state procurement worth approximately one billion euros in 2014.
I am proud of the responsibilities that we have carried out. We have been able to acknowledge the environmental and economic responsibility in our contracts. We still have a lot to do, especially in the area of social responsibility. We address our sustainability work closer in our corporate sustainability report.
We welcome a wider use of electronic solutions in procurement. A new procurement act coming into force next year will require procurement to be subject to competitive electronic tendering. Currently we are introducing an electronic tendering service for the state. We predict that digitalisation of the procurement process will add efficiency to both customers and suppliers. Digitalisation will reduce the administrative burden and increase transparency in procurement.
The basis of all our activities is cooperation – cooperation with customers, suppliers and other stakeholder groups. Cooperation is the key to our mutual success. I would like to warmly thank all our partners and Hansel’s excellent staff for successful year 2014.